Principal Artist

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With an illustrious journey spanning nine years in the realm of Professional Makeup & Hair Artistry, ALENA stands as a testament to dedication and mastery. Her expertise transcends borders, having honed her craft in the diverse styles of Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Thailand, and China Makeup & Hairstyling, before curating her very own unique fusion tailored to the discerning taste of Singapore.

For ALENA, beauty is not merely skin-deep; it is a canvas to which she adds a touch of enchantment, transforming it into an art form. She envisions beauty as synonymous with being comfortable in one’s own skin, and her magical makeup serves as the brushstrokes that accentuate this inner radiance.

Her philosophy is rooted in self-discovery, allowing individuals to unveil their true identities, often hidden beneath the layers of everyday life. ALENA’s gentle, skillful touch with her brushes becomes a catalyst for this transformation, revealing the authentic self within.

In the hands of the right artist, one’s beauty can flourish. ALENA’s promise is not to change you but to enhance the natural essence that defines you. She chooses to sprinkle sugar atop your existing beauty, enhancing what already exists rather than molding you into something you are not.

Let ALENA be your guide, bringing forth the finest version of yourself. She extends her heartfelt gratitude to those who have believed in her and entrusted her with their beauty journey. With fingers crossed and immense dedication, she endeavors to deliver nothing but the best, ensuring that you walk away feeling truly remarkable.